Breathtaking Beaches around the World

Beaches have beauty and charm so exquisite thatthey magically attract tourists to visit them more than anything else in the world. Most of the tourists around the world go to beautiful beaches not just to see, but also experience the rich bounty of nature. Turquoise blue lagoons, in contrast with white sand which seen the land covered with lush green forests. The temperature is pleasant and the true beauty of water is at its grandest display. To add to the experience, the aquatic plants, reefs and fish make a whole realm of life underwater.

Here we are discussing world’s best beaches to visit while planning to see the sea.

Cheaper than any place else, Mauritius is one of the world’s most beautiful beach countries in the world. it offers a lot to its visitors, starting from the sea front and shipyards that give the urban glamour and style to the clean sand beaches with turquoise lagoons that give an amazing swimming experience with colorful fish species to accompany you. Even a drive on the narrow, curvy, non-congested roads is an experience to treasure from this African island; not to mention, the tropical flora and fauna we just see in pictures.

Intresting Reads_Breathtaking Beaches around the World_New ZealandNew Zealand
Do you ever dream of visiting the place which has both, snow covered mountain and pristine white beach? Then New Zealand is the place for you. located in South Pacific, it is a place people dream of being lost in. With its mountains, islands, caves, tunnels, sand dunes and coastline, the natural scenery is exceptionally gorgeous in New Zealand. It doesn’t just give you the feel of a natural place, but it has a dramatic flair that magnetizes its visitors. May be that’s the reason why they chose for the shooting of ‘The Lords of the Rings’.

Intresting Reads_Sweet Rendezvous Private Islands in Asia That You Can Rent_Song SaaBora Bora
It’ssexy sexy! A very popular spot with the honeymooners, Bora Bora gives an opportunity for the couple to hire a whole hut and live on the beach itself. Thee glass floored huts are very popular with the tourists as they provide full privacy along with the 24*7 natural view of the sea-water beneath their feet. It is also the favorite honeymoon destination of Hollywood stars, Justin Theroux and JenniferAniston, Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter, Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum just to name a few.

Intresting Reads_Breathtaking Beaches around the World_HawaiiHawaii
American delight with pineapple farms, blue-green waters and colorful flowers, Hawaii has it all. With a distinct culture and a fairy-tale landscape, Hawaii offers its visitors the ultimate paradise to spend months there and not getting bored. The people are also simple and caring, and what adds icing to that is its mythology. Legends that are unique and sayings so precise give its culture a whole dominion. The love for music is great in Hawaii and comprises of local folk music along with modern rock and hip-hop. All in all, it is a perfect tourist destination for all the sea lovers.

Intresting Reads_Breathtaking Beaches around the World_MauiMaui
It is an island in central pacific, second largest of the Hawaiian island group. It is formed by the 2 volcanic mountains joined by solidified streams of lava (called isthmus of Maui). This makes its topography even more interesting. Not only the topography, but the climatic conditions are also fascinating, owing to the three kinds of winds affecting the clouds, rainfall and over-all weather of the place. Despite the steep variation in the geographical conditions in different parts Maui offers its tourists various watersports like Snorkeling, Windsurfing, Surfing, Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing. Moreover the white and yellow beaches with green water are inviting.

Intresting reads_The Great Indian Road Trip_A Goan journeyGoa
Situated on the western coast of India, Goa is nothing like the rest of the country. Its party culture strikingly differs from the conservativeculture of India and that attracts a large flock of local tourists, especially during Christmas and New Year. The global tourists are no less in number round the year because of its finest beaches and moderate temperature. It has a range of most exclusive, scenic hotels and forts, sites of worship and world heritage architectural site as well. The mixed culture of Indo-aryan, dravidan andPortuguese gives it the condiments of traditions. Moreover, Dugdhsagar falls at goa-karnataka border look like coming straight from an animated fairy-tale.

Intresting Reads_Breathtaking Beaches around the World_Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
While it was still inhabited by the aboriginal Taino people, Christopher Columbus discovered this part of America first and wanted it for Spain, but later on, it was invaded by other people, French, Dutch and Britishers which made a cocktail of cultures in there. This rich port (literal translation of Spanish words ‘Puerto Rico’) is rich in culture, architechture, art, literature and also the natural beauty of its beaches. The glamour of ancient, medieval and modern cities is well alive in this part of the US.

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