Tourist Spots With Rich History

Have you ever wondered how the romans lived, what did Greek people believe in, why the great pyramids erected or where did the bhakti movement first started? Visit these places to learn about the myths and history of the world as we know it and the fine line, provided by artifacts found, that distinguishes between them.

We are not talking about just the legends; we are talking about the real events that happened here, that were discovered by scientific and archaeological expeditions. The history so rich and evidences so material, it can really take you back in time to almost live those moments. Vividness of the panorama falls nothing short to the real experience of those times.

Italy_Popular Places_RomeRome, Italy
The capital city of Italy is also known as the eternal city as it is so ancient that even the local people can’t say when and how it was actually founded. Everyone has belief in their own legends. The only established fact is that it is an ancient city that has seen many changing rulers, the height of education and inventions and the worst form of downfall and death. It carries a rich history and each fable sounds real when complemented to the grand white structures built by ancient romans.

Intresting Reads_Tourist Spots With Rich History_Tikal, GuatemalaTikal, Guatemala
The ancient Mayan city of Latin America is one of the chief attractions when it comes to the legendary huge buildings staring at us from the past, trying to tell the tale of historical events they have been watching all these years. The evidential artifacts have been found that date back to 700 B.C., but more importantly, the agricultural proofs have been found from as early as 1000 B.C., such rich history and cultural richness gives another realm to the trip to this place.

Intresting Reads_Tourist Spots With Rich History_Giza, EgyptGiza, Egypt
Who isn’t aware of the glory of great pyramids? What triumphs the grandeur of the mortuary pyramidsand sacred sphinx is the story behind building such them.The Egyptians built sphinx statues to guard the pyramids. The pyramids are believed to be the tombs of the great pharaohs, but there is another legend attached to it. It is said that King Surid had a frightening dream in which earth turned over and stars began to fall on it, he thought the end of world was near and erected pyramids and enclosed within them the knowledge and articles of his age.

Greece_Popular Places_AthenAthens, Greece
Supposedly the most culturally advanced city in the ancient times, the records of settlement in Greece date back to 11th Century BC. Not only the culture was prominent, but also the valor of its fighter and the educational history of the Greek people are remarkable. Not to mention, the standards of beauty are still referred to the standards of Greeks. Parthenon on the acropolis is the most visited ancient building and carries the wealth of historical tales and mythical legends.

Intresting Reads_Tourist Spots With Rich History_Varanasi, IndiaVaranasi, India
One of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi has archaeological evidences of settlements of Vedic people in 20th century B.C., although, legends point towards the settlement of local tribes even before the arrival of Vedic people. As witnessed by Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang in 7th century B.C., Varanasi was already an art and culture hub, which included the latest industries of that time, like silk, perfume, ivory and sculptures. It was also the capital of kingdom of Kashi, whose prince was Siddhartha, who became Gautam Buddha after his enlightment. He gave his first sermon near Sarnath in 528 B.C.

Intresting Reads_Tourist Spots With Rich History_ Istanbul, TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey
Historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople, Istanbul is currently a major historic and cultural hub. Ever since its foundation in 660 BC.; its name has been changed many times by its visitors andsettlers. Neolithic artifacts found by archaeologists prove that the human settlement were there since 7th millennium B.C. the other evidences found are from copper age (5th to 3rd millennium BC), Thracian settlements from 1st millennium and many more. It is well known for Hagia Sophia which was earlier a church, then a mosque and now a museum.

Intresting Reads_Tourist Spots With Rich History_Jerusalem, IsraelJerusalem, Israel
The holy place of birth of Jesus, Jerusalem is filled with the facts and fables related to religious faith. Not only for Jews, but for Christians and Muslims also, it is the most sacred place in the whole world. One of the oldest cities in the world, its recorded history dates back to 19th century BC. It has seen many rulers ever since: Jewish, Roman, Arabs, Ottoman, British, Israeli, and many more in between. It is famous for the great wall, where people believe that all their prayers are heard and answered.

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