When Nature Showcases Its Colors

The inspiration to color the world came from the nature for the first time. And we’ve spent centuries refining these colors and setting them in various combinations to make our surroundings more beautiful. Still, when nature displays its colors, there is nothing like it. It is the most astounding, most incredible sight to see every time. No amount of human efforts can even begin to create the comparable effects.

Here we bring you seven most beautiful sights of nature’s painting and the places you can visit to see them.

Intresting Reads_When Nature Showcases Its Colors_7 Colored Earth at Chamarel,Mauritius7 Colored Earth at Chamarel,Mauritius
The earthly rainbow, as it seems, Chamarel in south west Mauritius displays an array of colors ranging from yellow and red to blue and purple, giving a heavenly hue to the sand dunes. It is believed to have been formed by cooling down of molten volcanic rock at different temperatures and different rates.

Intresting Reads_When Nature Showcases Its Colors_Liquid Rainbow atCano Cristales, ColombiaLiquid Rainbow at Cano Cristales, Colombia
While the other parts of Colombia are known for the rich history and pristine white colonial settlements, Cano Cristales, also called as The River of Five Colors, is one natural attraction you just can’t afford to miss. During peak season, from July to November, the river blooms with bright shades of red, pink, yellow, blue and green giving it a divine appearance.

Intresting Reads_When Nature Showcases Its Colors_Northern Lights at Svalbard, NorwayNorthern Lights at Svalbard, Norway
Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon that occurs when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. Seen as bright green, pink and red illuminations lighting up the dark night sky, it is a splendid sight that forms a memorable impression on the heart of the watcher.

Intresting Reads_When Nature Showcases Its Colors_Pink water at Lake Hillier, AustraliaPink water at Lake Hillier, Australia
Nestled in the middle of the forest, Lake Hiller looks like a pink rose in the bushes from above. It is a major attraction of Australia and can be reached by helicopter or a cruise ship. Scientists speculate that the brilliant pink color comes from a dye created by bacteria that lives in the salt crusts of the lake.

Intresting Reads_When Nature Showcases Its Colors_Milky Way over New South Wales,AustraliaMilky Way over New South Wales,Australia
literally lit up by billions of stars, our galaxy is the most stunning spiral galaxy in the universe. As seen from New South Wales, it presents a miraculous sight, a magical appearance that inspires to look for more wonders of the otherwise dark universe.Milky Way can also be seen as a dazzling bright crescent over Green Lake in Horsham.

Intresting Reads_When Nature Showcases Its Colors_3ColoredWater And Multicolor SandsAtCape Comorin Beach, Kanyakumari3 Colored Water And Multicolor Sands At Cape Comorin Beach, Kanyakumari
Kanyakumari is situated at the peninsular point, where the three seas, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean meet to form the spectacular assemble of the three colored waters. Also, black, red, orange, white and yellow colored sands paint a mesmerizing picture of the beach which also has rocky shores.

Intresting Reads_When Nature Showcases Its Colors_Ocean Life at Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaOcean Life at Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Who would have thought that the world under sea could be more colorful than the one on the surface? A little difficult to accept but undoubtedly affirmed once seen by one’s own eyes. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef gives the panoramic view of the tapestry of nature, the coral reefs, the swarms of fish and the uncharted range of ocean flora and fauna.

These places, no wonder, can be called the 7 heavens on earth and the colors they showcase is beyond compare.

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